Giving Back to Agriculture Program

The team at Green Acres Cover Crops would like to share an opportunity with FFA chapters in your area to raise money and awareness around cover crops, careers in agriculture and so much more!  

At Green Acres Cover Crops we are driven by education and community-building. Our team will be available for hands-on learning and speaking opportunities for chapters through this program. We are willing to speak to your chapter, provide tours of our dryland research farm outside Pleasant Dale and can also coordinate with you on specific needs of your chapter.  

We are also willing to help students complete their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). Our team could serve as guides in meeting requirements and are also connected to a broad network of agricultural producers and agri-business people who could assist students in their SAE work.  

What is the Green Acres Cover Crops – Giving Back to Agriculture Program©? 

This is a year-round program that can be fit into your chapters’ fundraising needs.  

The program runs from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.  

Giving back to the soil, students and stewards of the earth through: Cover Crop Education 

Educating students (both rural and urban) and farmers and ranchers representing all types of agricultural operations the benefits that cover crops have on soil health, water conservation and overall stewardship. Students, farmers and ranchers would also be exposed to the financial advantages of incorporating cover crops into the farm or ranch business plan.  

Giving back to future leaders through: Cover Crop Career Opportunities 

Students, farmers and ranchers would learn about the vast array of professional opportunities within the cover crop sphere – everything from precision cover-cropping equipment technicians, to seed production, custom planting, breeding, ultra-high-density-grazing, marketing, consulting and more.   

Giving back to FFA CHAPTERS through our: Covering Your Costs and more Financial Seed Reward Program: 

How does the fundraising portion work? 

If your chapter is interested in taking part in this program, call Kerry Hoffschneider at (402) 363-8963 or email Kerry at Kerry is the Green Acres Cover Crops Giving Back Program coordinator. Kerry will set you up with the materials you need and ask any questions you have.  

The Fundraising Product:  

Your chapter would be selling our Green Acres Cover Crops Spring and Fall Mix. This mix of oats and peas is excellent for producers who have harvested their cash crop and have a six-to-eight-week window prior to a killing frost. It can also be used as an early season/spring cover crop/forage that can be planted before a cash crop. This is also a great blend for the fall as the oats allow for a lasting residue, the peas fix a good amount of nitrogen (to both protect the soil and provide nutrients for the next crop). Consecutive temperatures in the low teens will kill this mix requiring no management in the spring while providing a mulch to protect the soil.  

The seed can be shipped straight to customers or your FFA Chapter to be delivered. Orders can be taken any time.  

The program runs from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.  

Find out more about Green Acres Cover Crops at