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    Meet the Hendl Family

    Matt Hendl served his nation in the United States Navy, reaching the rank of E-8 (Senior Chief Petty Officer). Matt’s service included significant time in a nuclear submarine. In fact, out of the 20 years Hendl served his country, seven of those years were under water ensuring our nation’s safety. Matt was not alone in his service, supporting him was his wife Emely and their daughter, Annika.   Read More...

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Graze Master Beef Ready for Pick Up or Delivery!

Thank you loyal Graze Master Beef customers for your support of our business throughout 2016. We have a great selection of holistically-raised, fresh beef, straight from our farm to your table. Please contact me any time to arrange pick up or delivery at (402) 499-0329. 

Our products are raised holistically, on grass and forages with a small ration of non-GMO milo. Raising our cattle is a labor of love and care.

Bulk Pricing:

Split Quarter:

· 4 NY Strip
 · 4 Filets
 · 4 Sirloins
 · 5 Ribeyes
 · 2 Arm Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 4 Chuck Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 2 Rump Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 1 Brisket (Approximately 1 lb.)
 · Ground Beef (Roughly 60-70 lbs of 1 lb individually wrapped packages)

$3.75/pound + processing cost (Approximately $150 charge for processing)
 *Approximately 200 lbs. per quarter


· 8 NY Strip
 · 8 Filets
 · 8 Sirloins
 · 10 Ribeyes
 · 4 Arm Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 8 Chuck Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 4 Rump Roasts (Approximately 2-3 lbs.)
 · 2 Briskets (Approximately 1 lb.)
 · Ground Beef (Roughly 120-140 lbs. of 1 lb. individually wrapped packages)

$3.75/pound + processing cost (Approximately $300 charge for processing)
 *Approximately 400 lbs. per half 

These amounts are based on the standard ordering of Graze Master Genetics. Based on personal preference, the amount may vary.


Individually Priced Items:


Sirloin $10.00/lb

NY Strip $13.00/lb

Filet $15.00/lb

Ribeyes $12.00/lb


Arm Roast $7.99/lb

Chuck Roast $7.99/lb

Rump Roast $7.99/lb

(Each Roast is approximately 2-3 pounds)

Additional Items

Ground Beef $6/lb

Heart $8

Beef Liver $6/lb

Tongue $8

Dog Bones $10

Ox Tail $5/bag