My approach is simple and no-nonsense . . .

No agendas, no cookie cutters – just common sense and practical business sense. I’ve seen it all (or just about).

I work one on one. Your farm. Your ranch. Your family. I help you build from what’s in front of you. Together we assess the resources at your disposal and your personal and family strengths.

I don’t buy the phrase, “It can’t be done here.”

I am all about finding a way. I have and will continue to use my own farm and cattle company as a proving grounds. I am an open book, willing to share with you.

My approach is about real-life, practical applications that can improve your livelihood, your land and livestock:

  • I live for recognizing and bringing forward the potential of people, the land and livestock.
  • I have been researching cattle genetics since 1984 and have consulted across the United States.
  • I have 20-plus years of experience in the seed business.
  • I have decades of practical farm, ranch and business experience and friends across the United States who are experts in a variety of areas who are a simple phone call away.
  • I read voraciously and am a student of history. I thrive on understanding what to never repeat again.
  • I’ve made mistakes and had successes. I am willing to share what I have learned so you can reach your goals.
  • I am hands on. Expect attention because you will get it. I still believe in handshakes and making phone calls. From communicating with family members to envisioning a healthier farm, cattle genetics, animal health, feed and marketing. I will give you the attention you, your family and farm/ranch deserve.

My word is everything. Thank you for your consideration. 

Del Ficke

Contact me for more details regarding my consulting offerings and for references at (402) 499-0329 or fickecattle {at}